46143 Dental Emergency

At Greenwood Smiles, we provide prompt, compassionate emergency treatment to address your most urgent dental healthcare needs. Do not hesitate to call our office if you’re faced with a 46143 dental emergency. Our team prioritizes your urgent call and will expedite the process of scheduling your emergency visit. We strive to mitigate any stress, anxiety or discomfort you’re experiencing, as soon as we receive your call.

46143 Dental Emergency

A 46143 dental emergency can come about in a number of ways, including toothaches, dental injuries, breaking a denture or damaging other dental appliances. In many cases, it’s a toothache that causes people to contact our office for urgent care. If you’re experiencing persistent sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting down, a continuous ache, or any other type of oral pain, call us right away. Our skilled and experienced dentist delivers precise, gentle care to resolve the underlying problem and alleviate your toothache. When your dental pain is due to damaging your tooth suddenly in an accident, such as biting down on a hard piece of food or sustaining a sports-related injury, it’s also important for you to act fast. While waiting too long to seek treatment can result in irreversible damage to your tooth, getting to our office without delay facilitates the most favorable outcome of care.

At Greenwood Smiles, we recognize that not every dental emergency involves pain. We understand that breaking your denture, dental bridge or crown may not be uncomfortable in terms of pain, but it can affect your life in other ways. A broken or lost dental prosthesis can leave embarrassing gaps in your smile and make it difficult to eat and speak. To get you back to your daily routine quickly, we’ll repair or replace your prosthesis without delay.

Knowing you can count on us at Greenwood Smiles can provide peace of mind; much needed relief and makes the difference between saving and losing a tooth when you’re faced with a 46143 dental emergency. To learn more about what to do in case of a dental emergency, give us a call today.

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